COMPSA has a dedicated academics team working to ensure that Computer Science students of all years are receiving the support they deserve.

We want it to be known that we are always available to speak about concerns or feedback you may have about everything from our wonderful professors, to the course material, or virtually anything to do with academics. We want you to know that you do have a voice, and that your opinions matter.

Feel free to email Academics Director Sal Choueib at, or anyone else on the team:

 Tutorials are an important academic resource for all students. COMPSA offers tutorials for computing courses throughout midterm season (weeks 6 to 12) and during exam season. Tutorials are typically 2 hours and are a time for students to ask questions, go over practice problems or possibly review a past exam. Tutorial Leader is a paid student position at $15/hour. Follow our Google Calendar or our Facebook page for updates on upcoming tutorials and tutorial leader applications. If you have any questions, feel free to message Matt Dixon the Tutorials Coordinator at

ASUS Peer Tutoring

ASUS Peer Tutoring is a peer-to-peer service that matches students who need help in a course with an upper-year who has already excelled in it with an A- or better. At $15/hour, APT is both the most affordable tutoring option in the Kingston area, and the highest paying student job on campus. Visit the ASUS Peer Tutoring site here. If you have any questions feel free to message Yishan Li the Peer Tutoring Coordinator at