COMPSA is run by a group of highly motivated students who represent and bring together the entire Computing student community through various events and opportunities.


President: Nana Boateng

I'm a 3rd Year Fundamental Computation student who loves coding, reading and music. As COMPSA President, I oversee the day-to-day operations of the Association and represent the Computing student body to the School of Computing, the AMS and the University as a whole. Kanye West and Frank Ocean are superheros to me; I also write and produce my own music so look for my SoundCloud!

Vice President Operations: Shreyansh Anand

Heyo! I am your Vice President of Operations for the year and I am in third year doing Biomedical Computing. As VPOps I work closely with the Marketing, Governance and Professional Development departments and also keep tab on all the finances for the Student Government.


In my free time I love to read up on Canadian History, discuss new (and sometimes hairbrained) startup ideas and edit peoples resumes. If you ever see me on the street or need someone to talk to, just shoot me a message and I'd love to chat!

Vice President Student Affairs


There are 4 year reps elected by the student body to represent their year. They act as the liaison between COMPSA and students in their respective year. Each year rep is additionally responsible for additional tasks such as Cover Your Crest and Computing ThankQ. 


The Academics team includes the Academics Director, Tutorial Coordinator, Mentorship Coordinator, Resource Manager and Course Feedback Coordinator. They work towards creating a positive academic environment within the School of Computing through providing academic support and guidance to undergraduate students.

Academics Director


I’m in my third year of software design. I’m a really huge fan of pop punk music, and I’ve written about 3 novels worth of Star Wars fan fiction. I’ve also been a real big fan of MMORPG’s since I was a kid, and I’ve turned my whole adult life into aiming for all level 99’s. The Equity Department is here to support all computing students whether it is with mental, emotional, or physical problems. Our Mental Health Coordinator looks out for our students’ mental health; organizing exam destressors and opening up conversations about our mental health. Our Equity Relations Liaison coordinates with other equity groups on campus, to help create a safe and inclusive environment for our students to learn and thrive.

Equity Director


I'm Danielle and I'm the Events Director! I'm in third year SODE and I enjoy playing piano, watching shows, and hosting events! The Events team is here to help introduce Computing students of all years to each other and professors through social events. We plan and host many events such as the Computing Formal as well as weekly Coffee with Profs to talk to your favourite professors. We're here to make sure everyone's comfortable and has a great time, no matter the company. Our team consists of the Logistics Coordinators, Lia Mason and Joseph Lunney, and the Social Coordinator, Mackenzie Sharp. Make sure to check out our events calendar and join in on the fun times!

Events Director

INTernal affairs

Hello, my name Is Katie Warburton and I’m the Internal Affairs Director. I’m a third-year student specializing in cognitive science. When I have free time I like to bake, read, and recently I started growing tomatoes. 


The Internal Affairs Team is made up of the Internal Affairs Director, our Speaker Rafi Matchen, Scribe, Constitution and Policy Officer, Talent Acquisition Manager, and the Volunteer Coordinator Melanie Crasta. Our role is to keep all records of COMPSA, including General Assembly meeting minutes, and to ensure the Constitution and Policy are up to date.

Governance Director


Hello, friends! I’m Flora and in my second year of general computing. I love all things design, baking and Marvel! As marketing director, I ensure the efforts of other COMPSA teams are known by you, the student body! Feel free to reach out for anything marketing related or just for fun! 


The Marketing squad is made up of Evelyn Yach, Jared Taylor, and Molly Shillabeer. We promote events and services that COMPSA provides and announce fun, professional opportunities.

Marketing Director

Professional Development

The Professional Development Director works to increase professional development opportunities and employment prospects for Computing students. The Internship Officer, Recruitment Coordinator, and Alumni Speaker Program Coordinator make up the professional development team. 

Professional Development Director

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