Meet the Team

Executive Team

Hannah, Sanindie, Cameron, Alex, Jasmine, Akash, and Mason of the Executive Team


The Executive Team oversees all operations of the various portfolios of COMPSA, as well as establishing COMPSA’s vision and direction for the year, while ensuring the organization remains on budget and connections are maintained between COMPSA, the Queen’s School of Computing, and other student government societies.

Year Representatives

The Year representatives are elected by the student body to represent their year. They act as the liaison between COMPSA and students in their respective year.

President - Sanindie Silva (she/her)

Vice President of Operations - Cameron Beaulieu (he/him)

Executive Intern - Jasmine van Leeuwen (she/her)

Executive Intern - Akash Singh (he/him)

Treasurer - Mason Choi (he/him)

First-Year Representative - Kayla Peckham (she/her)

Second-Year Representative - Robbie Huang (he/him)

Third-Year Representative - Alex Baldassarre (he/him)

Fourth-Year Representative - Hannah Larsen (she/her)


Molly and Marion of the Academics Team

The Academics team works to make Computing students feel safe, welcome, and supported in their academic environment by hosting events and providing resources to help them succeed.

Director - Molly Fleming (she/her)

Academics Coordinator - Marion Anglin (she/her)


The Equity Team strives to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus and within the School of Computing. Through raising awareness for mental health, advocating for student representation, and organizing events and initiatives, we ensure that our student body feels supported.

Director - Jessica Li (she/her)

Equity Relations Liason - Ximing (Tessa) Yu (she/her)

Mental Health Coordinator - Elijah James (he/him)

Mental Health Coordinator - Navin Pandey (he/him)

Jessica of the Equity Team


Catie and Amy of the Events Team

The Events Team aims to create opportunities for students in the School of Computing to feel more included in their school life and to socialize with their peers. They are responsible for planning out many social activities for the Computing student body throughout the year.

Director - Amy Cui (she/her)

Logistics Coordinator - Owen Rocci (he/him)

Events Coordinator - Catie Austin (she/her)

Internal Affairs

The Governance and Internal Affairs team oversees the inner workings of COMPSA to ensure all proceedings in the council run smoothly. They manage many of the administrative areas of COMPSA.

Director - Mercy Doan (she/her)(they/them)

Scribe - Yash Patel (he/him)(they/them)

Speaker - E Ching Kho (Noon) (he/him)

Volunteer Coordinator - Vanshita Uthra (she/her)

IA Intern - Raif Rizwan Karkal (he/him)

Noon, Vanshita, Mercy, Yash, and Raif of the Internal Affairs Team


Sara, Barrett, Maia, Liv, Alysha, and Lillian of the Marketing Team

The Marketing team works to design and produce promotional material that aligns with the COMPSA ideals and visual standards, for events, initiatives, information, and all COMPSA associated products like merchandise.

Director - Barrett Arbour (she/her)

Merchandise Coordinator - Liv Elliot (she/her)

Graphic Designer - Lillian Chee (she/her)

Social Media Coordinator - Sara Hall (she/her)

Webmaster - Alysha Kim (she/her)

Photographers -

Maia Domingues (she/her) & Adam Cockell (he/him)

Professional Development

The Professional Development Team strives to aid Computing students in their professional endeavours, whether that be in connecting them with industry professionals, teaching them the skills they need to attain opportunities, providing resources, or helping them figure out their career paths. 

Director - Isabella Enriquez (she/her)

Startup Coordinator - Lucas Wong (he/him)

Recruitment Manager - Steven Zhang (he/him)

Workshop Coordinators -

Truman Be (he/him) & Callum Kipin (he/him)

Steven, Isabella, and Truman of the Professional Development Team