November 14th

COMSPA is very excited to announce a city-themed pitch competition on November 14th, hosted in association with the School of Computing for its 50th anniversary. There are thousands of dollars in prizes available for the winners, as well as help with developing your pitch idea!

To pitch an idea: Make a group and fill out one form per team. Submissions are due October 16th.


Group requirements:
- Teams of 3-6 people
- Half of the group must be in Computing. If the group is an uneven number, the majority of the students must be in computing. (ex. 3 computing and 3 non-computing is acceptable, however, 2 computing students and 3 non-computing students are not)
- The theme is "Smart Societies"

The judges will be made up of School of Computing representatives, politicians, businessfolk and an industry professional.

Can't wait to hear what innovations you will make next!