What the Tech?!

Welcome to "What the Tech?!", COMPSA's series covering different career paths in Computing!
For this series, we’ll be interviewing a bunch of industry professionals to help you learn about what YOU can do with YOUR Computing degree!

John Hall

Software Engineer/Game Developer at Whatever's Right Studios
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Jack Li.jpg

Christian Muise

Professor at the Queen's School of Computing
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Shashaank Srinivasan

Product Designer at Nylas
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KAthleen Abols

Cyber Security Analyst at RBC
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Shilpa Singh

DevOps Engineer at Borealis AI
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Lediona Nishani

Data Scientist at Veeva Systems
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Trushitha Narla

Developer Advocate at Loom
Trushitha Narla.jpg

Faranak Sharifi

Site Reliability Engineer at ecobee
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